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About Psychological Feedback

Psychological Feedback is an app development company that creates apps related to
human interaction, education, psychology, language processing, and entertainment. A primary goal of Psychological Feedback is making the world a more socially harmonious place by distributing knowledge and education related to human behavior.

Esoteric Epiphanies

Interesting & thought provoking quotes
which have never been seen before!

Novel Quotes

A Unique app that generates randomly created quotes, just for You!

Awesome Backgrounds

What kind of pictures do you like? Galaxies, landscapes, colorful, abstract? Each time the next button is clicked a different background shows up.

Each Quote is a Gem

With well over 500 Million different possible quotes, it is very unlikely that you will see the same quote twice!

Easily Share With Friends!

Esoteric Epiphanies lets you share a quote with friends and family, and makes uploading a screenshot even easier with a button to press.

It Has Questions Too!

For those moments when a conversation dwindles, restore it with a randomly generated deep question.


With just a few clicks you're guaranteed to find an inspirational quote to give you a spark of motivation!

About Esoteric Epiphanies

After years of contemplating the nature of human experience, Esoteric Epiphanies began as an experiment to find out whether or not words of wisdom could be randomly generated by a computer program. Interestingly enough, it worked!

Randomness in computer programming is quite difficult to achieve, and might require a PhD studying randomness to really understand it. Luckily, you don't need to understand it.

After experimenting with various algorithms, Psychological Feedback has come up with an effective way to generate random, meaningful quotes with Each Click. Still, after creating the program and knowing how it works, it still speaks to us when using it. There also may be a surprise or two hidden in the quotes.

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Esoteric Epiphanies

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Have you ever wanted to get inside the minds of marketers? Or to know what foods will put you in a better mood? Because if so, This is the App for You! PsychFeed gives you a simple way to learn interesting and useful facts about people that can be applied to everyday life.

  • Interesting and useful ideas about people!
  • Not too scientific!
  • These facts aren't only about psychology
  • Various different fields: Nutrition, Biology, Sociology, Neuroscience, Physiology, and more!
  • No Ads (with the paid version, $1.99) and no In-App purchases.
  • Recommended searches for YouTube clips (links in future versions)
  • Occasional Quotes by noteworthy figures
  • You won’t regret buying this app

About PsychFeed

Learning about human behavior is becoming more and more popular. Psychology, Sociology, and Neuroscience are being applied in nearly every aspect of life. The science of human behavior is extremely important because pretty much everything in our world revolves around humans.

In college, after being asked “what are you studying?” I would respond with, “psychology and sociology” and about 80% of the time they would respond, “That sounds really interesting, I’ve always been interested in psychology.” This interest inspired me to utilize my programming knowledge, and combine it with a plethora of fascinating information about human psychology, resulting in an iPhone application - PsychFeed.

This application includes interesting and useful information about ideas in psychology, psychological experiments, nutrition, social statistics, and Much More. This app includes tons of information related to human behavior and mental processes – spanning from psychology to sociology, to economics, politics, neuroscience, nutrition, relevant philosophy, biology, and many other fun, interesting, and useful facts.

Sound like a lot? Well don’t be intimidated, because this app explains everything in very simple terms with just a few sentences.

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